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Wrestlers Sting & Shawn Michaels on Praise the Lord

WCW/TNA Wrestler Sting (Steve Borden) and WWE Wrestler Shawn Michaels appear on Praise the Lord to share their testimony:

Part 2


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WWE’s Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels Testimony

WWE’s HBK Shawn Michaels goes from controversial DX wrestler to born-again:

Part 2

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Tennis Star Michael Chang Testimony


Michael’s Testimony

Michael’s testimony for Jesus Christ both on and off the court is quite evident. “I thank the Lord Jesus Christ,” he proclaimed in 1989 after becoming the youngest male to ever win the French Open, “because without Him, I am nothing.” Win or lose, he readily gives glory to the Lord, for it is the Lord who gave Michael the talent to play tennis. In this section, Michael responds to the reader’s questions and comments about Christianity.

Read more about Michael Chang’s testimony by reading his tracts here:

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George Foreman, the preacher


George Foreman is an ordained minister. Foreman started his ministry after a religious experience that took place in his dressing room after losing to Jimmy Young in 1977.

Here is just a little song that my mother left me with. I’d just like to share it with you. The last part about “fixable things,” I made that up myself.

How well do I remember when Jesus brought me through; I walked and prayed a night or two, I said “Lord want you take and use me, that’s all that I can do; I give my life to Jesus what about you? what about you, want you make my savior your savior too? I give my life to Jesus what about you.” Remember these words, some things can never be fixed; but many can, the one that are fixable, fix. the others give to Jesus.


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WNBA’s Ruth Riley talks about her faith

Ruth Riley, a gold-medal winner and WNBA Champion talks about where she finds her peace in life

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Dwight Howard: “Without the Lord in your life, you cannot fulfill your dreams.”


When Dwight Howard is at home in Atlanta, he attends the Fellowship of Faith Church, International in East Point, Georgia. Dwight is still involved and active with the youth programs at the church. Children and family relationships are very important to him. Dwight believes that without the Lord in your life, you cannot fulfill your dreams.

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Free-Agent Pitcher Mike Maroth says ‘we’ll see where God takes our family now’

BPSports article from June 2007, where Maroth talks about being traded from Detroit to St. Louis and leaving his friendships in Detroit.


Mike Maroth, who spent six seasons with the Detroit Tigers, was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals June 2 for a player to be named later

“My closest relationship is with Nate Robertson and we spent quite a bit of time talking and encouraging each other to press on,” Maroth wrote. “I have been used to spending almost everyday during the season with these guys and now that was going to end. The relationships you build in baseball are special.”

Robertson and Maroth are both Christians.

In 2003, Maroth became the first pitcher since 1980 to lose more than 20 games in a season. But he handled the disappointing season with dignity and class.

“God doesn’t look at the numbers, for one thing,” Maroth told Baptist Press in 2004. “I strongly believe that when we go through trials and struggles, there’s something for us to learn. God’s trying to teach us something or get our attention. I had to really stay close to the Lord during that time so I didn’t start falling away. It’s so easy for us as Christians to all of a sudden turn the other way when we’re going through struggles and look the other way and try to do it on our own.”

The following is from Mike Maroth’s personal blog. Mike is now a free agent. He takes a moment to relect.


So, here I am…a free agent for the first time in my career. It is a strange feeling , not knowing where I will be next season. It is still early but I am curious to see how this will all play out. I was formally released by the Cardinals last week. I enjoyed my time there, getting to know the city and especially my teammates there. St. Louis was a great place to play but in the end it didn’t turn out the way they or I wanted it to. I didn’t get my job done in the way I know I am capable and I am excited for a fresh start. So, we’ll see where God takes our family now. That will be the hardest part, waiting. We have been praying for the wisdom and guidance we will need to navigate through free agency and to choose a team that is where God wants us to be. We are anxious to see him work it out and lead us in a new direction. We trust Him to protect us and provide for us just like he has always been faithful to in the past.

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