Joe Gibbs leaves Redskins feeling ‘blessed’

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Joe Gibbs retired from Head Coach & President of the Washington Redskins this week

“I mentioned the Youth for Tomorrow. Pat and I and everybody in this community plan on being here. I am a Washingtonian. Even though from times I will be in Charlotte traveling back and forth with the family. I just really want to say a big thanks to everybody. I know I left a lot out. I just hope that my heart came across to everybody here on how I feel about this. The last thing I want to say, it has been amazing for me to experience the fact that- we serve such a wonderful God that looks down and most cases takes a very average person, a physical education major in my case, with ballroom dancing and hand ball, and blesses him with some of the greatest experiences anybody could every have on earth. I have been blessed beyond belief. I want to say thanks to the Lord for letting me be a part of this and I want to say a personal thanks to all of you.”

Source:’s Peter King wrote the following about Joe Gibbs on his online column:

“(Joe) Gibbs admitted he learned a lot from the blown call against Buffalo. A deeply religious man, Gibbs admitted he’d been trying to sound convincing that he was coaching because God had told him to. Now he admitted that maybe he’d been a little selfish in coaching because it was because he wanted to do it, not because God wanted him to do it. And he determined after that game — his explanation to me — that he now would truly put his life in God’s hands. I tell you this story because I believe Gibbs, in all likelihood, prayed about what to do, and there’s a good chance the answer to his prayer was that God was telling him it was time to be with his family.

We don’t write things like this very often in this business. But devout people say and feel devout things and are driven by their relationship with their God. I think Gibbs is one of those people. And I think it had something to do with his decision to retire.”


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