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Vandy’s Earl Bennett asked God to guide him in right way

Source: Inside Vandy

Below is part of the transcription of Earl Bennett’s Jan. 10 press conference announcing his decision to forego his senior year at Vanderbilt and declare himself eligible for the 2008 NFL Draft.

Earl Bennett

First of all, I’d like to thank all of you for coming out and sharing this moment with me. After thinking weeks and weeks about the situation, talking it over with my family, talking it over with my coaches, my friends, close relatives, and mainly just talking to God and asking him to guide me the right way and keeping me under his guidance throughout this process; throughout the weeks, I went through deep consideration, deep evaluation, talking the whole process out with Coach Johnson, analyzing different strategies and things, so with that said, I’ve decided to skip my senior year and make myself eligible for the 2008 NFL Draft. It just came out that I had a great three years at Vanderbilt; there’s nowhere else I’d rather have been in these three years, and I just thank Coach Johnson and his staff for continuing to recruit me even when I was committed to Kentucky, thanking them for the chance to let me come into this program and continue to build on it.

What were the pluses and minuses that you went through?

I mean, I was just weighing out different options. If I come back, I always risk getting injured. There were a lot of pluses and a lot of minuses, and I felt like just talking to God and asking him to guide me in the right way, I can’t go wrong with the decision whether I came back or whether I left. Vanderbilt is a fine university, you have great teammates, great players, and Vanderbilt’s gonna do great things next year, and I just sat and talked to God and asked him to guide me in the right way. That was the ultimate factor. (more…)


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When athletes become evangelists

Source: Modesto Bee

One of the big questions during last year’s National Football League playoffs was whether Tony Dungy of the Indianapolis Colts and Lovie Smith of the Chicago Bears would make it to the final game.

It was the stuff of headlines. After all, it would make history if two African-American head coaches reached the Super Bowl. However, both men went out of their way to stress that it was also symbolic that two devout Christians were poised to compete, as friends, on their sport’s biggest stage.

“I’m so happy for Lovie, who does things the right way, without cursing, and shows that things can be done differently,” Dungy said in a pre-game report by Baptist Press. “We give God all the credit.”

Dungy and Smith talked the talk and tried to walk the walk, while armies of mainstream journalists responded by ignoring most of the God talk.

Sportswriters never know quite what to do when athletes and coaches turn into preachers and evangelists. It’s an old tension, one that been around since the birth of what historians call “muscular Christianity” in mid-19th-century Victorian England. (more…)

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For Denver Broncos kicker Jason Elam, the pen might be as mighty as the leg

Source: Fort Collins Now
Jason Elam is the kind of guy you can count on. He delivers. He’s clutch.

Ask any faithful football fan, any Broncos buff, and they’ll talk of game-winning kicks where Elam saved the day—how their heart raced and their sweaty hand gripped a can of Coors into a dented blob as they watched the football glide between the posts.

Just this season the kicker for the Denver Broncos made four last-minute, game-winning field goals. He’s generally considered one of the NFL’s all-time leading kickers.

But he’s no one-trick pony.

Truly, the oldest player on the Broncos is as much of a Renaissance man as you’ll find in the NFL. He’s a world traveler, a family man, a devote Christian working on his master’s degree in global apologetics, and a student of current events, Middle Eastern affairs and scripture. Oh, and he’s a three-time Pro Bowler with two Super Bowl wins under his belt.

Now, Elam is adding writer to his resume. He and his cohort in composition, Steve Yohn, recently came out with Monday Night Jihad, a Tom-Clancy-meets-Woody-Paige-at-seminary story that mixes football, terrorism and faith. Elam and Yohn’s Christian protagonist Riley Covington is a professional linebacker for the fictitious Colorado Mustangs and a former Air Force Special Ops officer who is soon faced with terrorism on the home field and must return to his military mindset. (more…)

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