Bucks’ Michael Redd speaks about his faith

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Source: Hoops World

Most basketball fans know about Michael Redd as an All-Star caliber basketball player but few fans realize the kind of man he is away from the media spotlight. He’s the kind of person who donates money to his father’s church back homes, genuinely cares about his community and leads the Bucks bible study before practice. In an era where fans lose faith in athletes Michael Redd provides fans with a role model they can look up to and inspire to be like.

Redd recently sat down to talk with HOOPSWORLD about why he donated a large sum of money to his father’s church, how his faith helps him as a basketball player and how the Bucks are hoping to make some noise in the playoffs this season.

You donated some money to your dad’s church after your current contract. Can you tell me what motivated you to give back to the church?

“Just to help the community out more than anything. For the people to have a place to worship, a place of refuge, a place to get help. That was the main reason why I donated to my dad’s church.”

As a Christian, how does you faith help you as an NBA player?

“When you’re going through tough times your foundation has got to be solid. I really believe in my heart with Christ as my foundation there’s nothing that can be too hard. There’s a purpose behind everything, a reason for everything if it’s in His will. So that’s what keeps me having a piece of mind every game even though we are going through tough times right now. Leaning and depending on Him is all I do.”

Are there aspects of being a Christian that you struggle with while playing in the NBA?

“Well, as you mature in Christ there are some things that you kind of grow out of as far as struggles. I think now for me I try to be the best husband I can be, the best father I can be. On the road I’m held accountable because I have to teach bible study every morning for our team before shootaround so that helps me to stay accountable. I have good friends around me as well who can tell me when I’m wrong so that helps as well. I think as you continue to grow and as you continue to mature in Christ you’ll never be sinless but you’ll sin less if that makes sense. So, you just continue to mature and grow.”

Milwaukee has had some injury issues this season. Has it been frustrating to not have all the guys healthy? When you are healthy you guys could be one of the better teams in the East.

“Yeah, it’s been an up and down season for us as far as injuries. One guy comes back, one guy drops down. If we can stay healthy and continue to stick together we could still make noise in the East. It’s not late so that’s what we’re hanging out hat on right now.”

So, making the playoffs is still a goal for this season?

“Absolutely! And not only making the playoffs but making noise in the playoffs. We play this game to win and I really believe once we get all our pieces together we’ll be okay.”

Sometimes it’s difficult to hold faith in your team while they’re struggling but Redd has complete trust that the Bucks can rebound from some injuries and make the playoffs. Perhaps with some divine inspiration Milwaukee can stay healthy for the rest of the season and make some noise in the playoffs.


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