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Giants’ owners’ character draws praise


George McGovern, the New York Giants’ chaplain for more than a decade, has enjoyed this “year of surprises where we’ve won games we were never expected to win.”

He’s also thankful that, off the field, there haven’t been any surprises.

“We haven’t had any major [negative] character incidents for at least two years, because we have a really high-character team,” McGovern said. “We don’t have any prima donnas. The guys have bonded well and worked as a cohesive unit.”

Still, there are no lulls in his ministry. “The team changes every year and the guys always have challenges up and down,” said McGovern, who first joined the team in 1996 after spending 14 years working in college ministry at Rutgers University.

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Patriots chaplain devises spiritual game plan


For all the talk of the New England Patriots’ perfection so far this season, team chaplain Don Davis and a handful of Christian Patriots players envisioned a more perfect plan before the year started.

“We wanted to make sure that everybody on the team would be asked or told about Christ this year,” Davis said. “To the glory of God, we wanted to declare Christ to everybody on the team.”

With about a half-dozen players, Davis set up a game plan that might rival of any of those that have led the team to a record 18 straight wins this year and a Super Bowl contest with the New York Giants on Sunday. (more…)

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Some Patriots see beyond NFL record book


With the Super Bowl in view, members of the New England Patriots are accustomed to questions about whether they would become the greatest team of all time with a victory on Sunday to cap an undefeated season.

The question has prompted some Patriots to take an even longer view than NFL history.

“Five years from now, nobody is going to remember who won this game and most people won’t even care,” Patriots tight end Ben Watson said as he was surrounded by media members from around the world Tuesday.

“God has given us a perspective as believers that there is more to life than football,” said Watson, whose father is pastor of the Rock Hill Bible Fellowship in Rock Hill, S.C. (more…)

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Giants’ early woes sparked Tyree to share faith, leadership for turnaround


Wide receiver David Tyree said he has been with the New York Giants long enough that the Big Apple’s media know better than to come to him for an interview unless they’re prepared to hear first about his faith in Jesus Christ.

When the Giants’ season floundered at 0-2 this year and an usually high number of players were injured or out for the season, Tyree penned a letter to every member of the team expressing his faith that God could still impact the Giants for good in many ways.

“I just said I know God wants to do something special for this team if we give Him the glory,” Tyree wrote. “Let’s believe in Him to do something special and honor Him by staying strong for God.”

As expected from a large team with a multitude of beliefs, Tyree received a range of reactions from believers and non-believers. But he said sharing his heart for God through the letter allowed him to witness to his teammates in the toughest of circumstances.

“This has been a year of grace for us and we need to show God’s power in all we do,” Tyree said during the Giants media day Tuesday in Phoenix, site of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLII. (more…)

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Patriots’ Chaplain’s authenticity: ‘I’ve lived it’


When it comes to the NFL’s ultimate game, the Super Bowl, the league keeps track of facts and figures covering each phase of the game.

From the most wins of the coin flip to most yards rushing, passing, received and scoring, the NFL has a category in the record books.

But as the New England Patriots head into Sunday’s Super Bowl XLII in Phoenix, they are likely to add a new entry: First former Super Bowl champion player to become a team’s Super Bowl chaplain.

That’s the role former Patriots linebacker Don Davis is serving in his first season as New England’s chaplain, working with the players he played with for years.

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Hunter on a mission with foot soldiers

Source: IndyStar

It can be a strain to hear IUPUI men’s basketball coach Ron Hunter’s voice in a crowded gymnasium filled with bouncing balls and squeaking shoes, but he’s about to make a point without making a sound. Barefoot, in fact.Hunter has joined an international walk to take shoes to 10 million children, some of whom live in Indianapolis.

He hopes his decision to coach Thursday night’s home game without shoes is the first step to raising awareness to an overshadowed need.With the help of Samaritan’s Feet, a Christian-based group in Charlotte, N.C., Hunter’s goal is to raise 40,000 pairs of new shoes during February, which is Black History Month.”Dr. Martin Luther King had the courage and the faith to make a difference, and I hope that’s what I’m about,” Hunter said. “I want to use my passion to make a difference. I want people to feel it.” Emmanuel Ohonme, or “Manny” as he is known, founded the nonprofit Samaritan’s Feet in 2003 on the premise that 300 million children in the world are without shoes, many in impoverished regions where ringworm and other diseases are a continuous threat. (more…)

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Pujols denies steroids claims

Albert Pujols expresses disappointment in media over Mitchell investigation

Asked if he felt any need to prove himself all over again in light of the report, Pujols didn’t hesitate.

“I don’t have to prove myself,” he said. “Since 2001, I’ve been proving myself with the numbers. I’ve been proving myself every year. How much better can I get? Only God knows how much better [I can] get. But do I need to cheat in this game to get better? This is nothing for me.

“Baseball is just a hobby, man. God has blessed me. And I fear God too much for me to do a stupid thing. I fear him. If I do some stupid things to help me out, to hit .400 or three-something or hit 30 home runs, he’s going to take that away from me. So why not be the natural guy like I’ve been since I was in the Minor Leagues? To cheat in this game, that’s not right.”

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For Trey Hillman, Royals’ Job is ‘a blessing from above’

Source: USA Today

Trey Hillman read the letter from the 49-year-old high school coach asking for advice on how he, too, could realize his dream of becoming a major league manager.

“He assumed I was plucked off the street,” says Hillman, 45, the Kansas City Royals’ rookie manager. “So I called him. I’m not going to sit there and tell him it’s not possible, but I also educated him about where I’d come from.”

Hillman, hardly a household name in American baseball, was plucked from the other side of the world, ending a 21-year odyssey that began as a Class AA utility infielder who didn’t foresee a big-league playing career. What followed was scouting, coaching, 12 years of managing in the minor leagues and a career-altering five seasons in Japan. (more…)

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Zips assistant coach Brian Donohew shares love of sport and spirituality on mission trip


Brian Donohew first learned about Score International during a baseball coaches convention in Florida in January 2006.

The sports-themed mission group sounded interesting, like something the University of Akron assistant baseball coach ought to consider someday. Donohew picked up a flier to take home and to share with his wife.

After the couple’s promising initial conversation, the flier was left on a table and soon buried in a pile with other things to do. As months went by, it would get moved around from table to table, room to room.

But it was never thrown away.

”Every time I saw it, I’d think about it,” Bonnie Donohew said. ”A couple of times I thought I’d just get rid of it, but for some reason, I never did.” (more…)

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Faith brings Texas Rangers’ Hamilton back from the brink

Source: Dallas News

Just past 8 a.m. on a gray Eastern Carolina Friday, Josh Hamilton’s silver GMC truck, grinding gravel into grit, rumbles into the alley directly across Market Street from the Ava Gardner Museum.

His ash-colored sweatpants are streaked with grease, the residue of eating a chicken biscuit while driving 40 miles from his home in Cary at the crack of dawn. As he enters a hollowed out jewelry store turned batting cage, Hamilton yanks a Rangers royal blue fleece shirt over his head.

“I like this color,” he says from under the shirt. “It really brings out the blue in my eyes.”

Just then, his sturdy, heavily tattooed forearms emerge and his head breaks free. He is 6-4, 240 pounds and has a smile that would have made one of the sirens Gardner portrayed on the screen swoon. (more…)

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