Faith is big part of Luke Ridnour’s life

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Source: HoopsWorld

Through most of Luke Ridnour’s career in the NBA he has been a starter for the Seattle Sonics. Things changed this season after he sustained a broken nose during training camp and then on November 16th he suffered a torn right thigh muscle which resulted in him missing four week. During his time rehabbing this injury, his back-up, Earl Watson, jumped into the starting five and has yet to leave. Instead of pouting Ridnour has taken this challenging year in stride and has embraced his new role as back-up point guard for Seattle.

Ridnour recently sat down to chat with HOOPSWORLD about how his faith in God gives him strength, his thoughts on Watson’s strong season and he talked about how he approaches his role as a veteran player in Seattle’s locker room.

It’s my understanding that you are a Christian and those beliefs are a big part of our life. Is that accurate?

“Yes, my beliefs are a very big part of my life. It gets me through (struggles). That’s why I’m here (in the NBA), to share the gospel.”

How does your faith help you as a player in the NBA?

“I think throughout the season there are so many ups and downs it just makes you stay level and you always have peace with yourself, always knowing God has control over everything you go through. In the NBA there are so many good times and bad times, just knowing whatever has happened good things are coming because He’s in control over what’s going on.”

Are there any times or situations when it’s hard to be a Christian in the NBA?

“Umm… yeah, just like in everyday life there are some temptations for everybody. It’s just a matter of staying strong and continuing to stay in the word and prayer. That’s what gets me through it.”

This season a lot of talk in the media has centered around you and Earl Watson sharing minutes at the point guard position. What are your thoughts on the two of you sharing minutes after you’ve been a starter most of your career?

“We’re both competitive and we want to play but also just want to help the team win. It’s about trying to make the most out of your opportunities and most of all just try to help the team get better and win some games. That’s the biggest part.”

Speaking of helping the team get better, you are one of the veteran guards for Seattle. How do you go about your role as a veteran leader?

“Just tell them to keep pushing. It’s been a long season for us, we’ve not been able to win a lot of games, so just tell them they’ve got to fight through it. The good thing for them is they’re getting a lot of minutes to get used to it and get better and better through this time. So, they’re just going to continue to get better we’re just here to help guide them along.”

Talking with Ridnour was a breath of fresh air as he’s different than the majority of NBA athletes who tend to only think about themselves and advancing their own careers. Seattle is truly blessed to have a talented point guard in Ridnour who is selfless and is willing to put aside his own stats to help the growth and development of Seattle’s younger players.


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