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New web-based Christian talk-show to debut Thursday

Source: Evangelical Covenant Church

Author Amy Hagberg will launch her Internet radio talk show featuring Christian artists at noon CST Thursday.

Hagberg, who is a member of Buffalo Covenant Church, will talk with Christian authors, actors, athletes and recording artists about their faith.

The 30-minute show will air live every Thursday. Callers may ask questions during the show by calling 347-324-5425. Listeners can listen online and join the conversation through a chat room. A free registration is required.

An archive will be available at the same link immediately following the show. Listeners also can subscribe to the archives via the RSS feed located on the host page.

“My whole mission is to present Jesus Christ as relevant today,” Hagberg says.

Hagberg is the author of How Do You Know He’s Real? God Unplugged, the second book in the “He’s Real” series. The book includes stories of athletes and musicians such as blues guitarist  Jonny Lang, NFL quarterback David Carr, and Olympic athletes. Some of the people interviewed for the book will appear on upcoming webcasts. Hagberg also has contributed to numerous magazines.

Visit Hagberg’s website for more information on her and her ministry.


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Former NFL Lineman and author Ed McGlasson on his testimony and fatherhood

Source: GodTube Video

Former NFL lineman and author Ed McGlasson explains the power fathers have in naming their children

Ed McGlasson played for the New York Jets, the LA Rams, and the New York Giants. In 1983 he was in training camp with the Philadelphia Eagles when one night God wanted to talk football.

Ed recalls, “And He said, ‘I want you to give this up and preach the gospel.’ And I’m thinking I’m in my dream. ‘No, no. This can’t be You, Lord.’ The very next day, on the very first play, I’m blocking all-pro Nose Guard Charlie Johnson for the Philadelphia Eagles, and I post on my right leg, my good leg. I blow my knee out.”

Ed’s career in the NFL was over. He followed God’s game plan and became a pastor, married and started a family. He turned to the Bible to help him in his new role as a father. Today, after 20 plus years of fatherhood, he shares what he’s learned in his book called The Difference a Father Makes. He explains just how important a father’s words are to shaping his children’s destiny and their identity.

“Our tongue has great power, the Bible says. We can either bless or curse with it. We can speak into our children, ‘I believe in you. You’re a champion.’ Or you can say, ‘Hey you nitwit, did you get your homework done?’

In Ed’s book, he talks about the four most powerful words a child can hear from their father.

Edward McGlasson“’I believe in you.’ That’s what they want,” he says. “Imagine a life where you know that the person who’s backing you up is not only smiling over you, but is whispering in your ear, ‘You can do this.’”

So what about adults who have never heard those words from their father?

“There’s a guy who came 2000 years ago Who wants to return those words to you, and His name is Jesus. He came to bring that to us. Not only incredible relationship with Him and His words and all that Scripture promises but the returning of the voice of the Father into the life of creation.”

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