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LPGA’s Suzanne Strudwick Testimony

Source: Beyond The Ultimate

LPGA Golfer Suzanne Strudwick:

I grew up in a good family environment, playing lots of sports— especially golf. I attended the church of England, but I didn’t understand how I could have a “personal relationship” with Him. How could He hear me? Why would He listen?

Another tour player told me about Jesus’ love. She shared of how I could repent or turn away from my sin and receive forgiveness in and through the person of Jesus Christ. I saw a daily difference in the lives of some Christians I knew. In 1983, wanting to know God in that same way, by faith through prayer I received Him as my Savior and Lord.

God does listen and care! He answers my prayers. He is in my life—in my heart, in my mind, and in my friendships. He has even shown me ways that I can give back and experience greater fulfillment than I find in sinking a putt. He is always with me.


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LPGA Tracy Hanson Testimony


Crowds roaring with approval. Friends thinking I’m a star athlete. Teachers singing praises about my grades. While growing up, I found my significance in my athletic and academic performances. If I did well, I felt great; if I failed, I felt awful. I put all my efforts into working hard on the basketball court, on the golf course, and in class, thinking that I would be loved if I performed well.

Growing up in rural northern Idaho, I had a good family life and never was in trouble because of drugs or alcohol. Church, however, was not a priority in my family. We were the classic “holiday churchgoers.” My only motivation to stay on track and work hard was my drive to excel as an athlete.

After high school, I earned a golf scholarship to San Jose State University, in San Jose, California. I was excited, but scared. Moving to San Jose would take me more than 1000 miles away from home to a “big” city. I had a lot of time to think on the long drive to school.

I remembered reading a book about having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I was nervous about starting this next phase of my life, so as I drove, I began to pray and asked Jesus to come into my life. I told Him that I was far from perfect and needed His forgiveness for my sins. Nothing seemed to happened. I turned my attention back to the radio hoping the rest of the drive would soon be over. (more…)

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