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Faith-based fighting

Source: Baltimore Sun

While much of the MMA world is focused on this weekend’s UFC middleweight title bout between Anderson Silva and Dan Henderson, there is another middleweight title on the line the night before. On Friday, IFL champ Matt Horwich makes his first title defense against Ryan McGivern.

Horwich is a unique personality in the sport. It’s difficult not to root for a guy who seems so at peace with the world and so thankful for everything he has. But, don’t be fooled by his unflappable sense of optimism. Inside the ring, Horwich takes care of business, and last year was a breakout year for the Team Quest fighter. He went 4-1 in IFL competition and defeated Benji Radach for the title in December.

I had the opportunity to speak to Horwich by phone on Monday. Here are the highlights of our conversation.

This weekend you’ve got a fight against Ryan McGivern and you’ll enter the fight as the IFL middleweight champ. How does that feel?

It feels [like] all things are possible to them who believe. And, I’ve been telling my street-kid friends for seven years ever since I was almost dead hanging out in Seattle [that] I’m going to bring them a middleweight belt. And, I was blessed enough to bring them back one finally. (more…)

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