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Antonio Tarver Speaks: He got his Magic from God

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Antonio Tarver is focused on Clinton Woods. The two face off on April 12 at the St. Pete Times Forum. Tarver took some time from his hectic training schedule to to talk to Rick Brown of The Ledger. Tarver discussed many things, including what inspires him and if he credits Boxing for saving him.

In regards to what inspires him, Tarver told The Ledger he could never forget where he came from and how blessed he feels to be where he is today, considering how he grew up. (more…)


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El Gallo’s motto: Live by Faith, Not by Fear

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His motto? “Live by faith, not by fear.”
Known to family and friends as José Antonio Rivera, and to the boxing world as “El Gallo” or “The Rooster” in Spanish, the 31-year-old fulfilled his lifelong dream against Michel Trabant in 2003, when he secured the WBA Welterweight Championship.
It was a dream nurtured inside the Philadelphia-native since the age of eight, when he watched boxing with his cousins and uncles. Yet only two years later, his dream of becoming Champion nearly died — along with his mother.
“I grew up without a dad,” explains Rivera, “and when my mom passed away when I was 10, that crushed me. I gave up on life. I hated the world — and I let people know it.” (more…)

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Boxer Chris Byrd flies high on faith and family

Source: Living Light News

International Boxing Federation (IBF) Heavyweight Champion Chris Byrd knows every time he steps into the ring he’s laying his title on the line.
But the 34-year-old isn’t worried. Sure, he’s confident of his skills, but more importantly, he realizes that, ultimately, he’s not the one in control. God is.
A Christian, Byrd says after he gave his life to Jesus, his outlook on life in general changed dramatically.
“I still want to be the very best at boxing, but as far as what I have done and what I will accomplish, it’s all about whatever God has in store for me,” he explains. “I used to care about how I fought and who I fought, but God will work it out. There’s no need to worry.”
Byrd’s personal relationship with God began in 1993. He, his wife Tracy and their new baby were living next door to two young Christian women. Having a limited spiritual background, Tracy had questions about what happened to people when they died, and she shared her concerns with her neighbors. The women proceeded to show her what the Bible had to say on the matter.
That night Tracy asked Jesus to come into her life. Chris recalls, “As soon as I came in, I noticed something different about [her] … ” (more…)

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George Foreman, the preacher


George Foreman is an ordained minister. Foreman started his ministry after a religious experience that took place in his dressing room after losing to Jimmy Young in 1977.

Here is just a little song that my mother left me with. I’d just like to share it with you. The last part about “fixable things,” I made that up myself.

How well do I remember when Jesus brought me through; I walked and prayed a night or two, I said “Lord want you take and use me, that’s all that I can do; I give my life to Jesus what about you? what about you, want you make my savior your savior too? I give my life to Jesus what about you.” Remember these words, some things can never be fixed; but many can, the one that are fixable, fix. the others give to Jesus.


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